Retro Bergman

The Ingmar Bergman photographer KG Kristoffersson.

This picture shows the swedish actors Birger Malmsten and Mai Zetterling given instructions by the swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman on the filmset of his film Music in darkness that had premiere 1948. Photograher KG Kristoffersson had exklusive access to the filmset and his pictures from this and other of Bergmans movies are iconic.

Unique pictures available not previosly published.

The most part of Kristofferssons Bergman images has not been internationally published and is a great addition to any production in connection with the celebration of Ingmar Bergman 100 year jubilee 2018. Click here to view his Ingmar Bergman collection.

The Bergman photographer Kristofferssons 100 years jubilee.

Like Ingmar Bergman, photographer Kristoffersson was born 1918 and we celebrate this 100 year jubilee. Kristoffersson started as a war photographer documenting the war 1939 in Finland and from then on he worked as a photographer with his pictures published in swedish magazines and books. His pictures has been published by Life Magazine, Look.  Kristofferssons pictures of Ingmar Bergman has been published in the well-renowned The Ingmar Bergman Archive XL, tv-programs, books and exhibitions.


The world-rights to the half a million pictures he produced is owned by Sjöberg bildbyrå. His file of pictures from Ingmar Bergman films and private photos of him are available for licensing for usage in books, tv, exhibitions, online publications and more.

Contact at Sjöberg bildbyrå Sweden.

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